Apartments and rooms

Uniejów Castle

We offer you apartments of a higher standard in a medieval style, or in an eclectic climate. Each of our guests will find something for themselves - because it is the guests who are the most important!

Termy Uniejów – pokoje i noclegi w Uniejowie


Dom Pracy Twórczej

Comfortable conditions, fully equipped, stylish rooms in the attic - that's what you'll find in the House of Creative Work! For all who value peace and relaxation in a climatic place.

ogród domu pracy twórczej
wesele na zamku uniejów


A fairytale wedding at the castle

As a future young couple, do you dream of a fairy-tale wedding in a castle ballroom and chambers straight from medieval stories? It is possible in Uniejów Castle - the dates are waiting!

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